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Introducing BOSS CoolWater - The cost effective solution to pure, cool water

Mains fed water coolers.  Better for your health, your wealth and your business.

Better for your wealth.  A mains fed water cooler provides an unlimited supply of cool, filtered water.  In comparison, a single 18 litre bottle can cost up to £6.  We provide FREE installation nationwide - regardless of the length of the installation.  We provide FREE sanitisation every 6 months to ensure the highest water quality and to help protect the health of your employees.

Better for your health.  The outside of stored water bottles can attract bacteria and other pathogens during storage.  These can be passed into the water bottle after it is fitted to the cooler.  Touching the neck of the bottle during installation can also pass bacteria from your hands to the water inside.  Once inside the water bottle, bacteria may continue to grow since the water is unchlorinated.  The main feed draws water approved to Government Health Standards as and when you need it.  Chlorine is removed as the water is dispensed, so you enjoy all the health protection and a great fresh flavour.  Heavy water bottles easily lead to back and other musculoskeletal injuries leaving your company liable to personal injury claims.

BOSS Coolwater

Cool Water Direct has built a reputation for quality
service to both large and small customers. We offer
mains fed, filtered water coolers and boilers at a
fraction of the cost of using bottled water.
Take a look at the many benefits of a mains fed water
cooler shown below. Can you really afford to be
paying more for an inferior service?


• An unlimited supply of chilled, filtered water -
   how much do you currently pay for an 18 litre
• Prices guaranteed for 5 years
• No contract
• FREE installation regardless of length of run
• FREE sanitisation
• No heavy lifting of water bottles
• Never run out of cool, filtered water - even
   during periods of peak demand