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At BOSS we take responsibility for the environment extremely seriously and we are proud to have the Environmental certification ISO 14001. We have a number of different policies on waste reduction and recycling and ensure all of our suppliers are doing what they can to protect the environment too.

Environmental Policy

The Directors and Management of Border Office Supplies are committed to achieving environmental best practice wherever practicable. We recognise the need to maintain a healthy environment in pursuit of achieving economic business growth.

We will continue to meet the requirements of ISO14001 by seeking to continuously improve our management system to enhance our environmental performance.

BOSS is committed to protecting the environment and preventing pollution, in particular air pollution associated with the distribution of goods and staff travel. We have a process for identifying our most significant environmental impacts and use that knowledge to focus our activities, including the setting of annual objectives.

BOSS fulfils all applicable compliance obligations and the management system provides a framework for ensuring that that position continues.


Felt Chair

Moka Felt is a unique tub chair which gives “waste” a second life. The self-supporting seat shell is made from recycled PET bottles. The choice to use this innovative material is not only good for the environment, but it also looks and feels great.