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Hereford Group Training 

BOSS met with Hereford Group Training in May 2011. Our brief was provide a cost effective solution to an organisation that needed to invest heavily in new server and infrastructure equipment and create a cohesive and realistic program of upgrade to student and staff PC’s and Laptops. 

After sitting down with the chief executive and heads of department we came up with a “wish list” of what the Association would like to get out of its IT installation and identified key problems with the current installation. Firstly, we identified and replaced areas of the network that were causing “bottlenecks” in the flow of data, speeding up the network within the confines of the equipment already on it.

Secondly, we proposed a multi-server solution that provided the Association with their Wish List and enough processing power and room for expansion to be able to grow with the Association without having to go through this expensive capital expenditure again.

Finally, we proposed a schedule of upgrade of PC and laptop equipment, prioritising users and equipment to be replaced. The installation took place over a number of weeks at minimal disruption to the Association. Now we have regular monthly meetings with the IT committee, providing help and feedback as they grow and expand into new areas.