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We are well-known for being one of the leading IT Support in Hereford, providing IT support to Herefordshire businesses. As a specialist IT consultancy, we always ensure that our clients are receiving impartial and expert advice on their IT technical support, infrastructure and processes needs. Our core services are designed to provide affordable, expert IT solutions to UK businesses no matter their size.

An IT company based in Hereford but also have IT consultancy capabilities in Shrewsbury and Cheltenham, which enables us to compete with some of the best IT companies in the Midlands. We can provide the Hereford, Shrewsbury and Cheltenham markets with the IT services all businesses need in order to grow.

As a well-established IT support company we offer remote IT support, home IT support and computer network services that provide the essential IT support for small business, many of our clients have already benefited from. In a way, we can serve your business as an IT helpdesk, providing the essential small business IT support and advice you need at the time when you need it and at an affordable cost.



    IT support services that your businesses can count on.


    Complete peace of mind that your business is protected.


    IT security experts.


    Cloud Storage and Backup Services for Businesses in the UK.

IT support services your business

We can take care of all IT support services your business needs, so your employees will receive the IT helpdesk support they need when they need it. This helps you reduce your IT support costs, as you can contact our IT services team only when you have a question or an IT issue, instead of hiring a full time IT support.

Why choose IT support with BOSS?

Our customised IT support packages and IT support contracts are available for all types of businesses, large or small.
No lengthy contract tie-in, engage us on a monthly rolling basis and receive flexible and affordable IT support services.
IT experts in BOSS have a very fast response time when it comes to finding a solution for your business IT support needs.

Computer Support in Hereford, Shrewsbury and Cheltenham

Here at BOSS IT Support or desktop technician provide skilled end-user support and can install and configure your desktop computer system and software, including printing and network equipment.

We will provide technical and operational support to staff and undertake hardware and software maintenance as required.

Our skilled technicians can advise your business of ways to improve workflow and productivity through IT solutions and desktop support.

Our professional IT desktop support team offer on-call technical support for all your desktop support service needs and provide on-call technical support to workstations to support our customers when needed.
Our team of IT professional consultants will check all information systems operations activities, including checking error logs, verifying the integrity of systems, performing disaster recovery drills and maintaining operations logs.

Case Studies

  • Hereford Group Training

    BOSS met with Hereford Group Training in May 2011. Our brief was to provide a cost effective solution to an organisation that needed to invest heavily in new server and infrastructure equipment and create a cohesive and realistic program of upgrade to student and staff PC’s and Laptops.

  • Whittall Group of Companies

    We were approached by Howard at Whittall Group of Companies to help him achieve a more efficient way of working. Howards requirement was to be able to work remotely while at the same time have a dedicated office base.