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Whittall Group


We were approached by Howard at Whittall Group of Companies to help him achieve a more efficient way of working.

Howards requirement was to be able to work remotely while at the same time have a dedicated office base.

Whittle had already invested in a new Cloud based CRM and business management tool. Our brief was to allow Howard to access this CRM and the company data held locally at the office.

Initial Consultation

BOSS arranged a site visit with Howard to go through the solution. The first checks we made were to the existing infrastructure and equipment. It was quickly identified that the office PC was in need of replacement. Internet speeds at the office and at Howards home were very good. Data at the office was held on a Synology Network Attached Storage Device (NAS). Emails were hosted on a POP3 account.

Solution and Implementation

BOSS proposed a portable solution that allows Howard to work anywhere there is an internet connection as if he was in the office. We supplied a lightweight but powerful Lenovo Ultrabook, a docking station with the latest USB-C connectivity, a large 24” screen monitor and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

We then configured the existing Synology Disk Station NAS to be accessed remotely. A shortcut on the desktop of the Ultrabook allows easy instant access, along with another shortcut to the Cloud based CRM system. We moved the POP3 email provision to a new Microsoft Office 365 cloud based solution offering fantastic Spam filtering and access to the latest Office software. Sophos Cloud Anti-Virus software ensures that the Ultrabook is protected at all times and a small cloud storage area was set up to back up the data held on the Synology NAS.

The USB-C Docking station allows Howard to come into the office and connect to the network, the monitor and keyboard and mouse using a single cable that also charges the Ultrabook.

Conclusion and Handover

Once implemented, BOSS engineers sat with Howard to give him training on his new equipment. Howard is now able to access his entire business anywhere in the World with internet access. We also set up data tethering to Howards mobile so he can work anywhere with a mobile phone signal, allowing Howard to access business data while on site or out on the road in areas with no WiFi connectivity. When Howard comes into the office he is able to connect his equipment and network with a single cable, working as ergonomically as if he had a static workstation. 

Howard said: “BOSS’s actions have provided someone less technically inclined like myself to be able to connect and use this excellent system to keep me in touch with all our business affairs at all times. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve”