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We provide a range of Managed Print Solutions, Production Printing Services, Colour and Mono laser printers and Photocopiers, as well as software and technologies for the public, commercial and corporate business sectors throughout Herefordshire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and Wales.

Designed to optimise productivity, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and the impact on the environment, our award winning solutions, coupled with our experience and skills has earned our trusted advisor status to all our customers.

Striving for constant innovation and advancement, we have the ability to offer a complete portfolio of essential services and solutions to support you in all areas of your document production.  Our department has been running for over twenty years with the same clear goal – understand your needs from your perspective and to always solve the challenge your business faces.


With our Managed Print Solutions, we analyse and monitor your printing and photocopying device fleet, your document workflows and your cost structure. At the same time, we are constantly in search of improvements and saving potentials.

Our concept can be depicted by a circle with three sections:  consult, implement and manage. This guarantees you a seamless improvement process including planning, installation and operation.

What’s your key benefit? The optimum at every level, a right sized device fleet, seamless workflows, cost efficiency and transparency, high security standards.

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Starting life as two inspired businesses that grew stronger by joining together, we've always been driven by innovation. Committed to transforming society to improve the lives of many, we're responding to a rapidly changing world dominated by digital experiences. We want to create technology that:
• solves your challenges
• makes your business smarter
• provides a digital workplace of the future
Together we can transform the future

Case Studies

  • Hereford Group Training

    BOSS met with Hereford Group Training in May 2011. Our brief was to provide a cost effective solution to an organisation that needed to invest heavily in new server and infrastructure equipment and create a cohesive and realistic program of upgrade to student and staff PC’s and Laptops.

  • Whittall Group of Companies

    We were approached by Howard at Whittall Group of Companies to help him achieve a more efficient way of working. Howards requirement was to be able to work remotely while at the same time have a dedicated office base.

  • Christ College Beacon

    Border Office Supplies were heavily involved right from the concept stage of our exciting project to refurbish our Day House common room and locker area. They advised on suitable product selection, fabrics and colours and came up with initial design for the layout of the areas.